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B i o g r a p h y


 the dub duo

Frédéric Niort (Brain Pit) from France and LaTricia Sealy (Kamik) from the USA, form the dub duo AUDIOLOGISTS. Their compositions are loaded with bumping bass, syncopated drums, mellow keys and supple samples.

Tapping, sliding, EQing and more, Brain Pit brings his deeply-influenced-by-Lee “Scratch” Perry-and-Sly & Robbie rehashed, reggae dub side to his elaborate workstation, while Kamik tweaks her quirky vocals like a voice over talent. Together, AUDIOLOGISTS treat and transform sounds to create a sonic equilibrium that encourages the auditor to merely listen and feel.

With titles like “The Last Candy”, “B.O. Protus” and “The Green Bean's Dance”, AUDIOLOGISTS' songs have a zany feel to them. They are steeped in the atmosphere of their creation and a wave of thought organizes itself as each story unfolds. This approach yields songs, which – though addressing the seriousness of writing, singing, composing and arranging – are conceived with a lightness that both Brain Pit and Kamik feel is necessary in life.


Journeying across syncopated rhythms and swaying bass lines, diverse components and creative arrangements artistically combine, giving life to an atypical style of music overflowing with unanticipated emotion. AUDIOLOGISTS: a unique collaboration of musicians, sound and reflective composition artistry to soothe the soul!

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“We shouldn't take ourselves too seriously,” states Brain Pit,.“Life structures itself and only takes on meaning with the passing of time.”


Classic rock from Ten Years After, Jethro Thull, Santana and The Doors; reggae/dub from Bob Marley, Culture, Mighty Diamonds and Gregory Isaacs; hip-hop/rap from NTM, Blackalicious, Jurassic 5, Java and Roots Manuva... Brain Pit gobbled it all up!

Growing up in Mauzé-Thouarsais, in France with the sounds of the 60's and 70's Brain Pit began his musical journey with an acoustic guitar in 1992 then bought himself an electric guitar later in his teens. In time, exploring sound matter became his true passion. He started changing over equipment in 1999 and continued to experiment, voyaging through the infinite universe of sound. Self-taught, Brain Pit purchased a digital recorder and embarked upon a musical journey by means of looping. With that in hand he explored the bass guitar, tickled the ivories of an old keyboard and got a drum set to improve his musicianship.


He moved to Toulouse in 2005 and once again he picked up acoustic guitar delving into the lyrical rhythms of Brazilian Bossa nova and Spanish Flamenco. Both techniques deepened his perspective of acoustic instruments, but something was still missing. Feeding his musical appetite, he sought out new sound vibrations in the bass clarinet and the tenor saxophone. Brain Pit found the tenor sax was capable of it all; melodies, rhythms, bass lines, even cardio sessions!


Soon, the desire to integrate the two worlds – musical instruments with that of digital music machines – emerged. In 2009, Brain Pit made the Akai MPC 5000 sampler/sequencer the centerpiece of his installation. In little time, he became fascinated by the capacity of pedals and after adding an MPC Live to his configuration in 2017, he began arranging songs with Kamik: AUDIOLOGISTS was formed.


Having passed through several phases and musical apparatus, and driven by an insatiable yearning to share his experiences from rock to reggae via the indispensable James Brown, Brain Pit wished to create his own distinctive sound. Currently, his dub fusion compositions are drawn from a web of oldschool dub woven with reggae, funk, hip-hop and 90's dance. Brain Pit is the backbone of the refined tracks introduced to you by AUDIOLOGISTS today!


Raised by Bajans from the Caribbean islands, Kamik often heard the songs of Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Grynner, Edwin Yearwood, Alison Hinds and Mighty Gabby at family gatherings. However, hip-hop, R&B, rap and classic Cape Verdean music blasted throughout her childhood neighborhood of Dorchester, Massachusetts in the USA. She went to grade school in the suburb of Lexington where alternative rock of the 90's caught her ear.


Years later while studying theater in Illinois, the eclectic musical events held at the Old Town School of Folk Music sparked Kamik's interest in world music and American folk. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2006 then moved to France, giving herself a year to improve her French. Thirteen years down the road, Kamik is bilingual and still resides in Toulouse.

“Musician friends of mine heard me sing at open mics, riverside jams, and house parties. A few of them asked me if I wanted to participate in their respective projects. I said 'Yes', and that's how I started singing.”

From 2013 to 2017 Kamik was the lead singer of the funk/groove band Struts who released the album A Rush in 2015. Prior to that, she had put out two featurings – “Ten Fingers” and “In Disguise” – on Undergang's Hang On in 2014. That same year, Kamik met Brain Pit. He told her about musicians such as Nina Hagen and familiarized her with Jamaican dub. And here it began, making music together and the dawn of AUDIOLOGISTS.


Most often Kamik's lyrics originate as poems and prose written outside a musical context, and sometimes they are inspired by song titles that Brain Pit creates beforehand. Others are freestyled into a workable draft during band practices and edited until the duo decides on a final song structure. Their major themes are time and coherence.


Today, Kamik – an untiring listener of Huun-Huur-Tu, Phoebe Snow and Meshell Ndegeocello – blends her her influences with her unique lyricism to whip up a savourous smoothie of soothing sound vibration à la AUDIOLOGISTS!

The Dub Duo
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